Biomolecules Folding and Disease

SNPs - BioFolD

In this page are reported information about the projects related to the annotation of the impact of Single Nucleotide Variants (SNVs) on human health. Currently we have four available web tools located in our server:

ContastRank Statistical method for the classification of cancer samples using exome sequencing data.
DrCancer Support Vector Machine based method to predict cancer-causing mutations (Beta version).
Fido-SNP Machine learning method for predicting the impact of SNVs in the dog genome.
Meta-SNP Meta-predictor of disease causing variants that uses the output of PANTHER, PhD-SNP, SIFT and SNAP
PhD-SNP Support Vector Machine based method to discriminate between neutral or disease-related single point protein mutations.
PhD-SNPg Machine learning method for predicting pathogenic variants in coding and non-coding regions.
WS-SNPs&GO Support Vector Machine method for the detection of disease-related SNPs based on functional information

The implementation of these web servers has been made possible with Marie Curie IOF funds of the Mut2Dis project (PIOF-GA-2009-237225).
Since October 2010, the log file of this server is monitored periodically and the tools' usage is mapped below. Better statistics about the usage of these resources are available on this web page.